June Update

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June 20, 2018

Throughout the process of considering whether or not to restructure the BMDA and Chamber, a common question has been, “What is This Going to Cost?” More specifically, what would a restructure of our two organizations mean in terms of membership investment? 


It’s a reasonable question and one that we answered by first determining that this restructure is about providing the most robust, efficient services for our members; not a way to arbitrarily cut costs. The leadership of our organizations believes very firmly that if we are going to restructure, the motivation for doing so cannot be financial. It must be about doing what is best for the BMDA Members, Chamber Members and most importantly, our community.


With that in mind, we developed a value proposition that quantifies what more we can do as one organization for approximately the same amount being used to support two. To support that value proposition, we then developed an investment structure by simplifying the Chamber’s existing membership schedule and combining it with four community partnership levels based upon the BMDA’s tiered investment schedule. Under this investment structure, all members will first determine their base investment by using the simplified membership schedule before considering at what level you might invest additional funds in return for recognition as a community partner. It’s important to note however that your investment, no matter the amount, will all go into one budget for one organization governed by one leadership.


The investment structure is still being finalized, but when it is complete you will be able to insert your own company to determine your investment under the restructured organization. What you’ll see in doing so that is whether you’re currently a member of the Chamber, the BMDA or both, your investment will only change significantly if you want them to.


Over the coming months, we will spotlight the specific aspects of the value proposition that will justify and be supported by this investment structure. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns during this process, you can always get a hold of me directly at britter@bismancc.com or (701) 223-5660.   

Brian Ritter, President


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