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Creating a Successful Bismarck-Mandan Shop Local Campaign for the Holidays

Offer Valid: 11/27/2022 - 11/29/2024

A holiday shop local campaign is a great way to support the community and strengthen the local economy. By working together, businesses can create a successful campaign that will bring holiday shoppers into local stores. Here are some tips on how to launch and promote a holiday shop local campaign courtesy of the Bismarck Mandan Chamber of Commerce.

Launching a Holiday Shop Local Campaign

There are many approaches for getting involved in a holiday shop local campaign. One way is to join an existing campaign, such as a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event. Another way is to start your own campaign. Here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Valiant 3 Communications suggests defining the parameters of your campaign. Decide which businesses will be included and what discounts or incentives will be offered.

2. Develop marketing materials. Create flyers, posters, social media ads, and email templates that can be used to promote the campaign.

3. Make sure participating businesses are ready. Train employees on the details of the campaign and make sure they are prepared to answer questions from customers.

4. Launch the campaign! Get the word out and start bringing holiday shoppers into local stores.

Promoting the Campaign with PDFs and Collaboration

PageFly notes that there are many ways for businesses to promote a holiday shop local campaign. Here are some ideas:

1. Distribute marketing materials in-store and online. Place flyers in high-traffic areas and include information about the campaign in email newsletters and social media posts. Using a PDF to post your promotion on your website and social media is ideal, as PDFs are easy to edit if you need to adjust or remove pages or update text.

2. Host an event. Invite customers into your store for special promotions or giveaways related to the campaign.

3. Collaborate with other businesses. Cross-promote the campaign with other participating businesses to reach a wider audience.

4. Get creative! Brainstorm unique ways to promote the campaign that will capture attention and drive traffic to local stores.

Incentivizing Shopping Locally During the Holidays

For a holiday shop local campaign to be successful, businesses need to offer incentives that will encourage customers to shop at local stores instead of online or at big box retailers. Some ideas for incentives include:

1. Discounts or coupons specifically for shopping locally during the holidays

2. A percentage off purchases when customers show proof of shopping at other participating stores

3. A gift with purchase

4. A raffle or contest with prizes available only to those who shop at participating stores

5. A loyalty program where customers can earn points towards future purchases

6. Exclusive access to products or services

7. Early access to sales

8. Free shipping for online orders

9. Curbside pickup or delivery

10. Personalized service

Supporting Other Businesses Through Joint Marketing and Co-Hosting Events

Collaborating with other businesses is key to success when launching a holiday shop local campaign. Working together allows businesses to pool resources, reach a wider audience, and create goodwill in the community. There are many ways businesses can collaborate, such as co-sponsoring an event, joint marketing campaigns, social media takeovers, and more.

Creating Goodwill in The Community

One of the best things about launching a holiday shop local campaign is that it allows businesses to give back to the community. There are many ways businesses can do this, such as donating a portion of sales to charity, hosting food drives, collecting toys for children in need, and more. Giving back not only creates goodwill among customers, it also helps build stronger relationships with other businesses and organizations in the community.

Launching a successful holiday shop local campaign takes some planning and effort, but it is well worth it. These campaigns benefit both businesses and shoppers by strengthening the local economy and fostering community spirit. 

By working together and offering incentives, businesses can encourage local shoppers to patronize their stores during the holidays. And by collaborating with other businesses, they can pool resources and reach a wider audience. Most importantly, these campaigns provide an opportunity for businesses to give back to the community and create goodwill during the holidays.

Grow your business by building relationships with other local entrepreneurs and accessing unique resources offered by the Bismarck Mandan Chamber of Commerce. Join us today!

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